Personal project 

Bringing to my day to day some mindfulness practices like qi gong, yoga, meditation or just contemplate the nature; I have discovered their incredible and nice benefits. Paying attention to the breath and body Its possible connect with our own spiritual center and feel a pleasant inner peace.

I have been transferring some concepts and experiences of this mindfulness practices to painting. Under the intention to just be, under the intention to let the things happens through you, to have a love glance instead of judge, to stay open to find and not to search; everything has started with an abstract movement with the brush or sponge on the paper. I observe the mark for a while and then my imaginary world starts to play and do the rest!

At the end appeared this collection of ink stain that looks like dogs. Of course, they are dogs, its quite easy to guess! I think they became dogs cause this animal awake me something special from my childhood, something from my dreams or nicest memories or even something that I miss.